What is it?

Graphileon Cloud Configuration Contest logoThe Graphileon Cloud Configuration Contest, or GC3 is a monthly competition among Graphileon Cloud users to create the best Graphileon configuration. A great way to show off your Graphileon skills and put yourself on the radar of spotters in the graph-o-sphere!

What can you win?

Every month we award three prizes. The winner receives € 500,00. The prizes for the runner-up and number three are € 250,00 and € 100,00 respectively. In addition, the configurations created by the three winners are added to the Graphileon App Library, in order to inspire subsequent contestants.
The winning entries (name and description of the configuration) will also be announced in our newsletter, as well as on the Graphileon channels on X and LinkedIn.

What makes you a winner?

To us, creativity is key! We’ve already seen people use Graphileon in a way we did not expect, and we cannot get enough of that. So, what the jury will be looking for is:

  • A smart way of (re-)using functions
  • The originality of the idea or use case
  • The number of different function types

Who is in the jury?

The jury will be be composed of members of the Graphileon team.

Who can participate?

Participation is open to all Graphileon Cloud users, except:

  • Current and former members of the Graphileon team
  • Current and former Graphileon customers that are or were entitled to support
  • People who have received support other than through the public support channels on Slack and Stackoverflow

What can you use?

In addition to your imagination and skills, you can use:

How to submit?

You have to submit your configuration using the form below.
Submissions have to be received not later than 6 PM CET of the 25th day of the month in which you want to participate.
Submissions that are received later will be rejected and can be to re-submitted the next month.If you want to submit multiple ideas, you have to fill the form for each submission separately. Do not combine multiple submissions in a single form!

When and how are the results communicated?

Winners will be contacted by the jury not later than the 10th day of the next month through the email address that was used for the submission. There will be no other communication between jury and contestants.

Copyright & Legal

By entering the Graphileon Cloud Configuration Contest, you declare that:

  • you are the original author of the Graphileon configuration that you submit
  • your submission does not infringe the copyright or any other personal or propriety right of any third party
  • your submission does constitue a violation of existing non-disclosure agreements
  • you understand and agree that your submission may be used, published, disclosed in whole or in part, at any time, without prior agreement and without entitlement to any claims or compensation
  • you release Graphileon B.V. from all liability which may arise from any and/or all claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation in the competition or the entries submitted
  • to indemnify Graphileon B.V. for any issues rising from my breach of this agreement


Graphileon Cloud Configuration Contest submission form