Building applications on top of graphs starts here!

Graphileon is moving towards native cloud functionality and recent releases
are no longer published as stand alone desktop software.

The last release available for the desktop is version 3.4.0 which you can download below.

For the latest features we recommend you try our free cloud version which is always the most recent version of Graphileon (currently version 3.6.0) , requires minimal effort to set up and supports the latest versions of supported Graph databases, including Neo4j 5.

Trying out our free Personal Edition is a good way to start your journey towards building applications and dashboards on top of your preferred graph database. We call those applications graphy, because their logic is built using nodes and relationships. The nodes represent functions and views, the relationships represent triggers. Graphileon stores them in a graph database and visualizes them as application graphs. So, building graph applications starts here!

Read our blog, watch the videos on our channel or consult the documentation for many inspiring examples. And please join our Slack channel for support by our engineers. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, so we can get inspired by your use case and questions and suggestions to further improve and enhance our software.