User-friendly and controlled data-management

Using a Schemabuilder and a Databuilder to control the categories of users that are allowed to add new attributes to nodes and relationships, while providing other users with access to forms to enter data.

Provide an environment where users can manage data and relations according to a predefined schema.

One of the advantages of property graphs like Neo4j, in which both nodes and relationships can have properties, is their versatility and freedom with regard to create and update models. However, this freedom comes with responsibility. Sometimes you may want to control the categories of users that are allowed to add new attributes to nodes and relationships, while you want to provide other users access to forms to enter data. This can be achieved by adding a Schemabuilder and a Databuilder applications to Graphileon’s default installation.

In the Schemabuilder, nodetypes and relationtypes are created, then linked to attributes with different datatypes (string, integer etc). Graphileon takes care of storing the schema, if needed in a separate graph store. Both nodetypes and relationtypes can inherit attributes.

The Schemabuilder displays the relations that are allowed between a :Person node and its neighbours.


For a :Person nodetype, with attributes of different types, the schema could look a follows:

The Schema that defines the structure of a :Person node, with attributes of different datatype.


Once the schema has been defined, the data is managed using the Databuilder application. When a Person node is created or edited, Graphileon uses the schema to generate a form.

The data-entry form for a :Person node, dynamically created from the Schema.


The schema is also used to display the relations that are allowed when selecting two nodes.

When selecting two nodes, the Databuilder displays the realtions that are allowed accoring to what is de finced in the schema.


Graphileon can handle multiple datastores and manages schemata independently from the datastores. Together with its multi-layered team and user structure, this allows for the configuration of both simple and more advanced authorization layers.

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Matching projects

In order to enhance the ability of development organisations to coordinate their efforts and create synergies, it is essential that actors have an overview of all relevant activities in an area

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Empowering consultants

Domain specialists use Graphileon to gain competitive advantage through better insights and communication.

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