Graphileon 2.7.0 comes packed with new features and functionalities. Read on to learn about the most important ones.

Database support

Three stores instead of two

The Personal Edition now allows for three data stores to be connected simultaneously. One of these has to be the application store which means that you can still connect two more data stores.

Additional types of stores

Database support has been greatly expanded since version 2.2.0 and Graphileon now supports Anzograph and Datastax (running SPARQL and GREMLIN respectively), as well as different variants of Neo4j and ONgDB.

The following databases (in alphabetical order) are currently supported:


New or improved user interface functionality

yFiles graph viewer from yWorks

Graphileon Personal Edition now contains yFiles for HTML by yWorks. The main advantage of our yFilesView is that it stabilizes quickly and has the possibility to apply automatic layouts. In addition, it has an overview window and better tools for making a manual selection in the graph. In our yFilesView, you can create relationships by just drawing them between two nodes.

Personal Edition users can easily switch between the yFilesView and the default D3-based NetworkView using the shortcuts on the user panel (Note : a page refresh is required when not in Dev Mode).

Improved Query panel

The ‘Query’ panel (previously ‘Cypher’) has been reorganized to take up less space. More importantly, it now allows the user to switch between the default ‘Cypher’ editor and the ‘Cypher editor (beta)’ which has a built-in auto-complete suggesting label and property names.



Updated Properties and Neighbours panels

The Properties panel (previously KeysView) has been updated and is now a native Graphileon function. The Neighbours panel has been updated as well, among others with a search option, and is now a native Graphileon Function too.


Updated history panels

Recent nodes (previously Node History) and Recent queries (previously Cypher History) have been redone. Recent Queries now has the possibility to manage these queries and run them with one click.



More functionality to manage your visible network

The main Graph viewer (Main NetworkView) in either yFiles or D3 mode, now has added functionality to facilitate selection of nodes in the toolbar. We have added buttons to invert the current selection, restart the view with only the current selection, remove the current selection and clear the whole view.

Miscellaneous UI tweaks
  • The layout of the Settings, License, New page and Documentation buttons has been reorganized to accommodate long user names.
  • The Switch Cache button has been renamed to Switch Dev Mode.
  • The layout of panels has been improved by allowing most of them to collapse and scroll to gain space.
  • Self-relations in the D3 network view are now displayed with spacing.
  • The find [Node] and find [Relation] functions now have a drop-down box listing all the connected stores.
  • The NodeForm and RelationForm have been improved by adding an [Apply] button to write changes to the database while keeping the form open.


Improvements for graph application designers

A smarter default configuration

The default configuration for Graphileon Personal Edition uses only 44 ‘graphileons’ (Function nodes + users + dashboards) which means that you have 20 Function nodes that you can use for your own Graphileon application design.

Single label support

In order to add support for a variety of graph stores, we switched to functions that only require a single label, and store the function type in a type property. For example, in 2.2.0 an HtmlView had the labels IA_Function and IA_HtmlView. In 2.7.0, this has become a label ‘IA_Function’ and a property type with value ‘HtlmView’.
Graphileon 2.7.0 is backwards compatible with applications using multiple labels.

Unified query function

Graphileon is now using a unified query Function (IA_Function {type:’Query’}) that can store and run queries on all supported data stores. This query Function has separate cypher, gremlin and sparql properties and replaces previously used IA_Neo4jQuery and IA_CypherQuery Functions,

Conditional batch triggers

Batch triggers, which translate to the buttons in the toolbar of a View, can now be displayed conditionally using the condition property of the batch trigger.

Beta features

Pattern-based permissions to control access to functions and data

Graphileon now includes a granular permission system. See this video for more information.


Graphileon now supports multiple languages for the user interface, including LTR language support.

A full list of changes since version 2.2.0 can be found in our Release notes.