Graphileon partners with thatDot to support Quine streaming graph for real-time analytics

Graphileon partners with thatDot to develop connectors for Quine (, an open-source streaming graph solution for event-driven applications.

Today we announced a technology partnership with thatDot to develop connectors for Quine (, an open-source streaming graph solution for event-driven applications.
Graphileon users and customers will now be able to process high-volume event streams in real time, match valuable patterns, and trigger instant actions.
Quine users will benefit from Graphileon’s enhanced graph-based user interface, not only to visualize detected patterns, but also to manage streams and standing queries, and to build application flows that are triggered by actions originating from Quine.
Both Graphileon and thatDot have been around in the graph technology space for almost 10 years, providing key technology and application building capabilities for various aspects of important use cases, including fraud detection and supply chain management at scale.
“Partnering with thatDot opens new doors for our customers.”, said Tom Zeppenfeldt, CEO of Graphileon. “We already support multiple graph databases oriented towards transactions and analytics. But the level of real-time pattern detection that Quine offers, combined with the power of low-code application building, did not yet exist in the market.
“Thanks to the open architecture of the Graphileon platform, the integration of Quine was easy. ” added Ryan Wright, the creator of Quine and Founder & CEO of thatDot. ” And it’s not limited to the visualisation of graphs. Quine events can seamlessly stream into Graphileon’s Function-Trigger Infrastructure (FTI) and be part of the graph-based application flow of Graphileon Apps. ”

The Quine – Graphileon integration will be released as part of Graphileon 3.7.0 later in Q1 2024. The video below illustrates some of the capabilities.

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Get started with Graphileon Personal Edition in the cloud or on your desktop.

The easiest way to get to know Graphileon is to spin up the Personal Edition in the Graphileon Cloud. It comes with two graph stores installed and access to the App Library with examples and apps. You can also download and install Graphileon Personal Edition to run it on your desktop. Either way, you will be able to build graphy applications an browse your graph stores in a way you never did before.