As of Graphileon 3.1.0, Graphileon includes support for RedisGraph. RediGraph is a graph database module for Redis,  is the first queryable Property Graph database to use sparse matrices to represent the adjacency matrix in graphs and linear algebra to query the graph.

Primary features of RedisGraph are:

  • Based on the Property Graph Model
  • Nodes (vertices) and Relationships (edges) that may have attributes
  • Nodes that can be labeled
  • Relationships have a relationship type
  • Graphs represented as sparse adjacency matrices
  • Cypher as query language
  • Cypher queries translated into linear algebra expressions

Now that Graphileon includes support for RedisGraph stores, it means that you can use the Graphileon platform for fast and agile application and dashboard development, as well as graph visualization, on top of RedisGraph stores.

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