Graphileon’s versatility further increases : some examples of functionality and use cases.

Graphileon’s versatility makes it the number one add-on to graph databases. whether you want to build complex logic, just want to browse the graph or build your own graph-based web-service, it will bring a lot of value for a reasonable amount of money.

The videos below illustrate some of Graphileon’s power. Please contact us directly for a personal demo.

Project logic
(Social) impact is rarely achieved by a single project. In most cases, it involves many projects, funded and executed by different agencies. Using innovative technology to map the intervention logic and to keep track of the interwovenness is crucial to create synergy and alignment. So that SDGs can be achieved more easily.
NOTE: This demo is built using a generic, schema-based configuration of Graphileon. Please contact us to see how your use cases can be supported by just creating another schema!

Managing permissions the graphy way
Soon, you will be able to control the execution of Graphileon functions (queries, I/O functions and views) in three different ways: Рby linking them to the right teams and users, Рby evaluating expressions that can contain parameters Рby dynamically checking whether a certain pattern exists.
With this new feature, you will have everything you need to control access, without writing a single line of code!

Style property evaluation in a Graphileon NetworkView
From version 2.7.0 onwards, you will be able to style the nodes and relationships in a NetworkView using javascript functions. This means fewer selectors and more information in the visualisation.

Managing translations of strings in various parts of Graphileon is now possible (and easy :))
The #vuejs – based Translation function allows users to rapidly edit translations strings in the @graphileon core, the configuration, and custom applications.

Managing Bills Of Material
Visualization of a bill of materials in Graphileon, including component change history, using a graph-based dashboard.

Analyzing (water) networks
With Graphileon, it is easy to develop a small application to analyse the topology of a water supply network.

Building flow-chart models
Creating a flow-chart builder to model processes is easy with Graphileon. It even can check business rules that you have defined in Cypher statements.

Scenario analysis
With Graphileon, you can test different scenarios in a multi-user environment, by capturing parameters from the network visualisation.

A Quick tour of Graphileon Personal Edition
The basic functionality that comes out of the box.

Graphileon is an app

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Graphileon joins CovidGraph, an initiative to make information related to COVID-19 available.

Graphileon joins CovidGraph, an initiative of graph enthusiasts and companies with the goal to build a knowledge graph with relevant information about the COVID-19 virus.

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Graphileon offers free licenses for projects fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

While the #coronavirus is spreading, the @graphileon team stays focused on serving customers and improving our software. In the meantime, others are doing what they do best. To contribute, we offer free 1-year licenses for projects directly trying to #flattenthecurve.

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Granular Permissions on Function Execution

Being able to grant or deny permissions to use certain application functionality is a key feature in any business application. We already had our dashboards, through which administrators can group functionality, but now we take it a huge step (actually, a leap) further. In the very near future, Graphileon will check whether the following pattern … Continued

Get started with the Personal Edition

The easiest way to get to know Graphileon is by using the Personal Edition. Build graphy applications and browse your graph stores in a way you never did before.