You have exceeded one or more limits of your Graphileon license

You have been prompted with dialog similar to the one below.

The License info dialog shows the applicable limits of your license as well as the counts for your current configuration.

What does this mean?

This means that you have more users (label :IA_User) or dashboards (label :IA_Dashboard) or graphileons or connected stores than allowed by your license.

The graphileons count is the sum of nodes having labels :IA_User, :IA_Dashboard or :IA_Function.
Function nodes that are part of the default Graphileon installation are called core nodes and are not included in this count since Graphileon version 3.1.0. This means that nodes labelled :IA_Function are only counted towards the sum of graphileons when created by the user or installed through the App Library.

As long as the license limits are exceeded the warning dialog will pop up at regular intervals. No functional limitations are imposed.

You can check your license status at any time by selecting | Graphileon | License Check | from the application menu or clicking the button on the user panel.

Note that the license check only considers graphileons, users and dashboards in the application store. Graphileon does not pose any limits to the number of data nodes that you can use with our application.

How to remove excess items?

Stores or users

If the excess concerns stores or users you can easily remove stores or users from the Graphileon configuration/settings page. For users this translates in the corresponding user nodes being deleted from the application store. Removed stores are not affected and only disconnected from the Graphileon application.

Dashboards and Functions

Dashboard and function nodes can be retrieved inside Graphileon using the following Cypher query on the application store with output to Network:

MATCH (n) WHERE n:IA_Function OR n:IA_Dashboard 

From the NetworkView you can delete dashboard or function nodes in order to remove the excess.

Some words of caution though:

  • Installed Apps can best be removed using the App Library dialog.
  • Do not delete the dashboard node (label :IA_Dashboard, name “Default”) as this will break the Graphileon configuration.
  • Any :IA_Function node tagged ‘Core Node original’ is part of the pre-installed Graphileon configuration.
  • You are absolutely free to modify core nodes and relations but you should realize that this can have unforeseen consequences.
    • Deleting unmodified core nodes does not change the graphileons count.
    • Modified core nodes do count towards the total number of graphileons.
    • Modified core nodes can be restored to their original state after which they do no longer count towards the total number of graphileons.

What if you cannot remove the excess items because you do need the extra Dashboards, Users or Function nodes

If that is the case then you are probably using our application beyond the limits of what we allow for the Personal Edition. Please consider upgrading to a paid version of Graphileon.

Any version of Graphileon beyond the Personal Edition allows for a greater number of dashboards, users and function nodes and can connect to more than two stores simultaneously. The combined number of dashboards, users and function nodes (a.k.a graphileons) has a specific limit depending on the license you purchase.

Some examples:

  • You need Graphileon mostly for exploring and visualizing your graph stores but want to give access to more than one user. In that case the Graphileon 64 license is what you need.
  • You use Graphileon for building complicated graph applications, separate functionality in dashboards and have multiple users. That means you need a greater number of graphileons and should do a approximate count of the required numbers to find the matching Graphileon license.

You can read all about our licensing strategy and possibilities on the License page.