Graphileon includes support for Datastax: DataStax logo

DataStax, the company behind the leading database built on Apache Cassandra™, announced a technology partnership with Graphileon to include support for DataStax Enterprise Graph (DSE Graph) on Graphileon’s application development platform. Developers using DSE Graph will now be able to leverage Graphileon’s platform. This means simpler coding and easier visualization of graph data.

DSE Graph enables enterprises to extract the full value of their data relationships.

DSE Graph can be used to identify and analyze relationships between connected data to applications for many use cases. These include fraud detection, customer 360, social networks, IoT, real-time recommendations, and more. Optimized for storing billions of items and their relationships, DSE Graph incorporates continuous availability; linear scalability; advanced security; analytics and full-text search; visual management and monitoring; and development tools.

The Graphileon application development framework comes with a large set of UI widgets.

For instance, grids, maps, charts, tree views, and network visualisations. In addition, Graphileon includes various server components. These allow for querying, I/O, sending and receiving API requests, iteration and timer-driven function execution. Graphileon stores components and the triggers that link them in a graph database, allowing for rapid and agile development, as well as easy visualisation of the application logic.

“Now that Graphileon includes support for Datastax Enterprise Graph, it has become easier to visualize graph data that is stored and managed in the DataStax technology stack,” said Graphileon CEO Tom Zeppenfeldt. “With the continuing rise of graph technology, powered by companies like DataStax, more and more organisations recognize that graph is the way to go. Once convinced, they need solutions quickly and this is where we come in. Graphileon dramatically decreases the cost and time needed to build dashboards and applications that provide real-time insights to improve decision-making.”

“This partnership will allow DSE Graph users of varying skill levels to maximize the full power of DSE Graph through Graphileon’s flexible, easy-to-use platform,” said Kathryn Erickson, Director of Strategic Partnerships at DataStax. “We’re very excited to see how developers capitalize on this new opportunity.”