Graphileon includes support for Memgraph logo


Wageningen, The Netherlands — December 01, 2018 — Memgraph, creator of the real-time distributed enterprise graph database platform, has announced its partnership with Graphileon, the leader in the graph-driven application development environment.

With this new partnership, medium and large size enterprise customers will be able to get started on their graph journey in a matter of minutes and seamlessly prototype, deploy and manage complex graph-based applications for memory intensive use cases. These include fraud detection, real-time recommendations, path-finding and natural language processing. With Graphileon’s functions, connected by triggers, application development has reached another level of agility.

Our enterprise customers are seeking high-performance and simplicity when building their next-generation of intelligent applications. Our partnership with Graphileon, delivers on that need by combining the speed of Memgraph’s real-time graph database platform and the flexibility and ease-of-use of the Graphileon platform,” said Karim Traiaia, Head of Business Development at Memgraph.

In today’s world, where business value is created by rapidly extracting information from connected data, graph databases are essential. Through the partnership with Memgraph, we can accelerate the adoption of graph technology by enterprises that benefit from Memgraph’s distributed graph database technology,” said Tom Zeppenfeldt, Founder of Graphileon.

About Graphileon

Graphileon helps business consultants and information analysts to rapidly design and deploy graph-based applications by exploiting the agility of graphs.
Our Graphileon application builder allows you to navigate, to manage and to visualize the content of multiple graph stores simultaneously. For more information, visit and follow @graphileon on Twitter. Graphileon can be downloaded here.

About Memgraph

Memgraph is the world’s first native in-memory distributed graph database platform powering real-time graph analytics and transaction at web scale. Memgraph is engineered from the ground up to bring startups and enterprises the speed, scale, simplicity, and security required to build the next generation of intelligent applications powered by real-time connected data. For more information, visit and follow @memgraphdb on Twitter.