The Graphileon App Library

Graphileon includes an App Library since version 3.1. The App Library contains demos to inspire you and to get you started building your own graphy applications. We included demo configurations ranging from a simple “Hello World” popup to examples that show you how to work with Google Maps, Google Charts, API calls, node templating or how to create conditional application flows.

Accessing the App Library, version 3.6.0 and above

To access the App Library you either click the blue [App Library] button on the user panel (versions before 3.6.0) or open it from the (i) menu on the user panel (version 3.6.0 and up). The ever-growing list of available apps can be searched, shows the number of Graphileons (Graphileon Functions) required, a version number and whether the app is already installed.

Selecting an app will show a app detail page which briefly describes the app and Functions types required. The green [Preview logic] button shows the app configuration and clicking on Function nodes or Trigger relations displays their properties.

Installation process Graphileon app
Graphileon app installation process

From here you can install the app using the green [Install] button. This will copy the configuration to your application store and create a new Dashboard to start the demo. This dashboard is accessible from the dashboard drop down  and usually contains a button to start the demo.

Dashboard selector

Note that the free Personal edition allows for three dashboards which means that, next to the Default dashboard, you can install two demo apps simultaneously. Apps can be removed using the [Uninstall] button on the App detail page.

The App Library keeps growing, we add new examples every week and are open to suggestions from our users. Make sure to check it regularly!

Did you know that …

Graphileon functions are used to configure large parts of the Default dashboard and App Library functionality. In other words, we use Graphileon to configure Graphileon! This also means that the default configuration of Graphileon is a great place to look for inspiration!

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Graphileon partners with thatDot to support Quine streaming graph for real-time analytics

Graphileon partners with thatDot to develop connectors for Quine (, an open-source streaming graph solution for event-driven applications.

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Release of Graphileon 3.6.0

The release of Graphileon 3.6.0 brings numerous enhancements and features to this graph database management software. Here are the key highlights: New Components and Features: This version introduces new and improved components (Functions) and incorporates user-requested features, enhancing the functionality of the software. Enhanced Visualization: Users can now customize the visualization of nodes in the … Continued

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Graphileon creates a knowledge graph of the Dutch pharmaceutical landscape

At the FIGON Dutch Medicine Days 2023, we unveiled an innovative gap analysis tool designed to transform the Dutch pharmaceutical industry. Developed in collaboration with the Pivot Park Business Park, this tool leverages a knowledge graph to map skills, equipment, and more, providing invaluable data for strategic decision-making."

Get started with Graphileon Personal Edition in the cloud or on your desktop.

The easiest way to get to know Graphileon is to spin up the Personal Edition in the Graphileon Cloud. It comes with two graph stores installed and access to the App Library with examples and apps. You can also download and install Graphileon Personal Edition to run it on your desktop. Either way, you will be able to build graphy applications an browse your graph stores in a way you never did before.