Notes regarding the installation of Graphileon 2.7.0 Personal Edition on top of an existing installation of Graphileon 2.2.0 Personal Edition


  • Before upgrading, ensure that you have backups of your application and data stores!
  • Upgrading to Graphileon 2.7.0 will not make any changes to your data nor to your existing Graphileon configuration. Only the Graphileon software will be replaced.
  • Graphileon 2.7.0 is backwards compatible with the Graphileon 2.2.0 configuration and gives you access to many new Graphileon features.
  • There is no need to explicitly uninstall Graphileon 2.2.0 prior to installing Graphileon 2.7.0.

To upgrade to Graphileon 2.7.0, do as follows:

  • Download the Graphileon 2.7.0 installation file for your OS of choice.
  • Make sure your application store (and optional data stores) are running.
  • Make sure that you are logged out of Graphileon 2.2.0.
    If you are not sure, start Graphileon 2.2.0, log in and and log out explicitly.
  • Quit Graphileon 2.2.0.
  • Start the installation procedure according to the conventions for your OS.
  • Start Graphileon 2.7.0.


Now enjoy Graphileon 2.7.0 Personal Edition!