Graphileon 2.7.0 has arrived!

Today we proudly release a new version, 2.7 packed with a lot of new features, and with support for a wider range of graph stores.

We’ve created a video that takes you through the new and updated features of this version.

If you want to try it or use it for your personal projects, please use this form to get a link to download the free Personal Edition.

Installation should be easy, but we made a number of videos available anyway. The first one shows how to install Graphileon and access two Neo4j 4.* databases in Neo4j Desktop.

The next two videos show you how to set up Graphileon 2.7 with Memgraph Cloud on Windows 10 and with DataStax Enterprise Graph on Linux.

We’re looking forward to your feedback! If you run into issues, please send an e-mail to

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Monitoring progress by adding a single node

Keep users informed Some operations in applications, like loading data from an external source or running an algorithm on a large graph, take time. In these situations, you want to keep your users informed by providing them with visual and meaningful feedback. The same is true when you iterate through a list : users want … Continued

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Graphileon joins CovidGraph, an initiative to make information related to COVID-19 available.

Graphileon joins CovidGraph, an initiative of graph enthusiasts and companies with the goal to build a knowledge graph with relevant information about the COVID-19 virus.

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Graphileon offers free licenses for projects fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

While the #coronavirus is spreading, the @graphileon team stays focused on serving customers and improving our software. In the meantime, others are doing what they do best. To contribute, we offer free 1-year licenses for projects directly trying to #flattenthecurve.

Get started with the Personal Edition

The easiest way to get to know Graphileon is by using the Personal Edition. Build graphy applications and browse your graph stores in a way you never did before.